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Sichuan Pan Asia Power Technology Co., LTD, established in 2008, is a production manufacturer who is specialized in manufacturing crankshaft, racing connecting rod, balance shaft for Gasoline engine and Diesel engine cars. Sichuan Pan Asia Power Technology Co., LTD produces all kinds of automobile crankshafts annual output 800000 pieces, it owns three subsidiaries: Chengdu Maidong Auto Parts Co., LTD. (Address: QingBaiJiang, Chengdu), annual output is 400000 pieces of crankshafts,200000 pieces of balance shafts and 100000 pieces of racing connecting rods; Anhui Pan Asia Power Technology Co., LTD. (Address: HeFei, Anhui province) annual output is 500000 pieces of crankshafts; Pan Asia International Technology Co., LTD. (Address: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region).

Company leading products for high-grade cars, pickup trucks and suvs heart fashion models such as engine parts and foreign high-grade racing car connecting rod, crankshafts obtain China quality inspection association "national good quality products" title, best-selling domestic and international auto parts market. Company produces VW4 crankshaft and H-beamI-beam racing car connecting rods export Europe and the United States markets, at present the balance shaft, new energy automotive air conditioning compressor shaft and motor shaft has been batch supporting domestic car market.

Sichuan Pan Asia Power Technology Co., LTD passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system and ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification in 2009 ( Changed to IATF16949 in the end of 2017) , was rated as "sichuan province famous trademark"in March of 2010, in 2016,company won the "suining city municipal enterprise technology center" and "suining city government quality prize" and for many years won the "County keep the contract heavy credit enterprise" title. 

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